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Joining the Club DalVita, you can buy Health & Beauty products advantage of special discounts and promotions directed to all consultants. Cooperation with us is not only the opportunity to buy products at very attractive prices. It can also be a great way to get extra income, as well as the base for building your own business based on the MLM model.


By inviting new people and building your own sales network, you develop your business and your profit increases. You get additional Bonuses created from the Personal and Group network. At the same time, each of the invited people you upon registration receives the same opportunities as you, so it can save, earn and grow your business.


Meet people, travel and have a fun. Twice a year, company DalVita organized trip combined with training to a European capital, exotic country, cruise or visit the manufacture of our products, and is ABSOLUTLY FOR FREE.


Follow your dreams and reach your goals, be a successful partner of DalVita. Stay in the center of events, drive luxury car, travel in luxury hotels and earn money from world company turnover

If you like our idea of
development of modern business...

Five steps to success

1. Use the DalVita™ products and feel the results.

Използвайте продукти и почувствайте резултатите

Learn more about the products, use them personally and verify their quality. Collect feedback on the results of the use of the products.

2. Speak about the products to your friends and acquaintances.

Разказвайте за продуктите на вашите приятели и познати

Recommend to your close friends your favorite DalVita producs, show catalogues and offer them to try the products. The more people understand about the DalVita™ products and want to try them, the more profit you will get from these orders.

3. Offer them cooperation

Предложете им сътрудничество

Invite more friends to come to the presentation or the web-conference to hear about the products and opportunities of DalVita™ . Always ask them to recommend people who might be interested in your products or business - this is an appropriate way to quickly develop a structure of consultants and clients. Always stay connected and work with people who are interested in cooperation.

4. Attend meetings, events and training seminars conducted by the leaders of DalVita™ !

Посещавайте срещи, мероприятия и семинари за обучение провеждани от лидерите на DalVita™

We want to help you develop. Get training, attend presentations, leadership training, regional and international seminars.

5. Follow this system for 12 months.

Следвайте тази система 12 месеца

Follow your dreams and reach your goals, be a successful partner of DalVita™. Stay in the centre of events.

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