Aloe vera is a semi-tropical stemless plant growing to one meter tall. Aloe probably originated in Northern Africa, however for its positive effects it is nowadays grown all over the world. Leaves of Aloe are thick and green with serrated edges and small spikes.

Clinical studies have shown that Aloe Vera Gel contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, polysacharides and many other health beneficial ingredients.

Aloe Vera contributes to :

  • normalizes the immune system
  • immunomodulatory effect
  • normalizes the gastrointestinal tract
  • complete physical well-being
  • helps fight against fatigue
  • contributes to protection against microorganisms
  • helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • helps to maintain healthy skin

DalVita Aloe Vera 99.5% drinking gel is extracted from the subtropical plant of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miler, which is grown organically in natural unpolluted environment in Jaumave, a small town located in a beautiful valley in the state of Tamaulipas, on the North East of Mexico. Plants are grown organically, no fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides have interfered with plants growth. The water used for irrigating the plants is either natural rainwater or spring water from the surrounding mountains. The quality of the raw materials as well as the production process have been certified by several institutions.

Aloe vera raw material is certified by:

TOTAloe Process

Enables us to process Aloe Vera juice without losing any of the 200 active compounds and more than 75 plant nutrients.

The juice from our plants is extracted by new, revolutionary formula called Totaloe Process, using the latest knowledge and technology. The juice is processed without losing any of the plants beneficial properties, which are then carried from the plant to the final products. The Totaloe Process combines the traditional method of processing by hand with further steps, which ensure, that the juice keeps a high concentration of desirable components and it is virtually free of all undesirable components. The excellent quality is based not only on the Totaloe Process but also the quality of plants, which grow in natural semi-tropical area of beautiful valley of Jaumave.


is one of the ways to increase the biological availability of medicines, natural substances, vitamins and minerals. The raw material is micronized to particles only few micrometers in diameter. This increases the surface area of the resulting material and enables faster absorption in the organism, increasing the effectiveness of the food supplement.


In DalVita we believe in the power of nature and recognize its role in ensuring a healthier and happy life. Therefore DalVita produce 100% natural products, selected carefully and prepared from the finest raw materials, created on base of years of experience and the latest trends and technologies. With great care to our clients, we create products manufactured in compliance with the GMP standard, under strict technological control throughout the whole production process - from the raw materials to the final product. The raw materials we use are subject for a lot of certifications which is an additional guarantee for the high quality of the DalVita products.

Select the product for you and your family and feel the power of nature. We wish you a good health and prosperity!

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