DalVita Luxury Perfume for men and women - a collection of 20 fragrance with high content of French perfume composition for intense and lasting aroma. The perfumes DalVita contains 20% essentials, completely filtered without a tinge of alcohol. The perfume matures for 8 weeks so that the ingredients have enough time to mix perfectly. This allows us to create an intense and dazzling fragrance.

Perfume DalVita - your emotion, turned into fragrance.

Creating a DalVita fragrance is a science,
but science a full of passion.
Perfume fragrance are described by musical metaphor
- three sets of 'notes' how are evolve over time.


Very intense fragrance that is felt immediately after application; this sensation lasts a few seconds, but in some perfumes may be even 15 minutes.


Fragrance that can be felt immediately after the unwinding of the head, the intensity is about 2-3 hours.


In this phase, the fragrances are released slowly; the duration is extended for a few hours, sometimes even tens of hours.


All production steps are subject to the strictest quality control, and only faultless materials are used for production. We believe that you really love our DALVITA perfume series and never want to try another.

Select the product for you and your family and feel the power of nature.
We wish you a good health and prosperity!

Feel the nature & feel the freedom!


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